1. WR.UP® Original

Our original, patented pant for all the OGs out there.

Shapely Perks
Our customised ultralight silicone will shape your sides and sculpt your behind, giving you a push up, whether you need it or just want it.

Smooth Ride
Using unique materials, clever stitching and firm panels, our original pants will smooth your curves, soften your silhouette, and move with your body, so you won’t just ride in style, you’ll ride in comfort, too.

Lift Up
Our panels and stitching are designed to lift, support and streamline your curves. With extra silicon membrane stitched into the waistband, they’ll shape your waistline and keep your pants in place, no matter your moves.

Get The Look
Our pants come in a variety of colours, washes, lengths and details, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your body and your style, too.

2. WR.UP® Sport

Our patented pant, for the Sporty Spices of the world.

Breathe Together
Our DIWO® fabrics works to move moisture and heat away from your body, keeping you dry, your body cool and your skin breathing between workouts and coffee dates.

Flex Together
From squat jumps and yoga to spin classes and stretch downs, with unique panels and considered stitching, you’ll be able to move the way you like and know our sport range will move with you.

Attractive AF
Thanks to out patented design and unique technology, our sport range will smooth your shape, boost your butt and accentuate your assets, so you won’t just feel good working out, you’ll look good, too.

3. D.I.W.O® PRO Technology

A fabric designed to keep your body comfortable and your outfit game strong.

Those Feels
We choose a Rhodia Polyamide 6.6 smart yarn for optimum comfort, breathability and flexibility so you can move, dance, brunch and lounge in the same clothes.

Breath Not Blotch
The DIWO® (Dry In Wet Out) functionality moves sweat and moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric, ensuring your skin stays dry and your body cool. It also works to reduce redness and blotching post workout, too.

Durable DNA
Thanks to our strong design, our DIWO® fabric can endure hundreds of push-ups, early morning runs, the toughest of chocolate stains and several loads of washing.

4. DIWO® Curve

A patented curve, for a seriously comfy jacket.

Shaped To Move
Our patent curve zip is shaped to move with your body and provide ventilation when you need it most, without sacrifice style.

Water Ready
Specially designed, our fabric, zip and jacket details undergo special water resistant treatment to ensure your jacket stays working in rain, hail or water fight.

Go Hard, Be Soft
A combination of innovative technology and quality material, our comfortable, durable designs are built to go hard when you do, lounge when you do.

5. 3PRO®

A unique, patented shoe for good footing and even better style.

ITS Good
ITS (Impact Technology System) will protect and stabilise your feet between leaps and bounds. With superior density and high stability, our design will discharge any impact into the sole of your shoe, not the sole of your foot, so you’ll be able to dance like no one’s watching.

Breathe of Fresh Air
We build the upper section of our shoes using DIWO® fabric. This ensures they’re lightweight, water-resistant, and that they’ll ventilate air and remove any moisture, giving you a shoe that doesn’t smell or feel like the bottom of a gym bag.

Flexible Support
Comprised of three layers, our footwear is designed to fit to the shape of your foot, and give you optimum flexibility without compromising on stability. You’ll get a shoe that fits like a glove, and the freedom to move in style.

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