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WR.UP® Denim

Low Waist Full Length

Colour Dark Blue + Yellow Stitching

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Freddy is your booty's best friend—always

Always in place

Designed to keep your pants up and in place. It will hug the waistline comfortably and won't dig in.

Comfiest stretch ever

Our pants, including our denim, are made from a unique cotton jersey which stretches in both directions.

Boost your booty

A thin coating of silicone is applied under the bottom to boost your booty whether you need it or just want it.

We love your figure

Strategically placed panels & stitching to accentuate your existing figure by hugging you in all the right places.

The short version

We've been around for a while, since 1976! Born in Italy, we’ve crossed the oceans to reach Singapore, and your booty.

We’ve met everyone from girl bosses and gym junkies, to donut lovers and beauty queens.

Learning from all the bodies, butts and beauties we could find, to create the perfect fit for you and your busy life. Now we’re here, ready and waiting for you to find us; your perfect fit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Very stylish
In Love <3

I was really hesitant buying such expensive pants online - especially because they seem very fitted. I'm a yoga instructor and fitness lover and absolutely love my yoga tights and being able to freely move my body. And this pants are absolutely incredible for that. I have never worn pants that satisfy the jeans look whilst being so comfortable and freely moving. I could easily do yoga in them if I really wanted to. They make my legs and butt look amazing (according to reports haha) and I already prefer them over my other regular jeans. The inner plastic on the waist band helps them stay in place perfectly and I love that they fit around my legs better than regular pants (due to how much I work out sometimes this can be uncomfortable because my legs are a little thicker than a size 6-8 which I wear most often).
Overall, I am SO happy. I would 100% recommend them to anyone. Can't wait to replace all my jeans with them haha! Thanks so much!

Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Stylish
RIDICULOUSLY comfortable!!

I was SUPER nervous buying such expensive pants ONLINE before trying them on. I'm not like the supermodels in the picture--I'm a simple mom of 3 under 4 and my baby-bearing hips are just small enough for the XL. But I took the dive and these are officially the MOST comfortable pants I've ever worn! Can't wait to order more!!

Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Very stylish
In love.... my new addiction

The first time I tried these on, I was in love! The fit, stye and comfort is like nothing I have ever experienced. So addicted, I now own 4 different style!

Return customer

Comfortable but with the price is abit much ! Love the looks

Super comfy, but button fell off during 3rd wear, but excellent service!

The material is very thin and comfortable, that they actually feel more like jeggings. The button did pop off during the 3rd time I wore them, however, contacted Freddy support who told me to get them fixed at my local tailor and they would reimburse me for the cost. Excellent service! Only other thing is that you are susceptible to a camel toe if you pull them too high, as the material is very thin including at the crotch area.