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10 - XXS / Black + Black Stitching
31 - XS / Black + Black Stitching
63 - S / Black + Black Stitching
83 - M / Black + Black Stitching
69 - L / Black + Black Stitching
16 - XL / Black + Black Stitching

WR.UP® Denim

Mid Waist 7/8 Length Black + Black Stitching

Colour Black + Black Stitching

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Your new go-to pants come with these WR.UP patented features

Anti-slip waistband

It’ll move with your waistline

Form fitting fabric

It’ll move and flex with you no matter what


It’ll support and hug to shape you

Breathable fabric

Wear more, wash less

Fabric so soft

You’ll never want to take them off

The short version

We've been around for a while, since 1976! Born in Italy, we’ve crossed the oceans to reach Singapore, and your booty.

We’ve met everyone from girl bosses and gym junkies, to donut lovers and beauty queens.

Learning from all the bodies, butts and beauties we could find, to create the perfect fit for you and your busy life. Now we’re here, ready and waiting for you to find us; your perfect fit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Very stylish
Fit Girls rejoice

Im a weight lifter and general fitness enthusiast and one of the biggest mental processes women who pursue fitness have to tackle is how their body looks outside of the gym, without a muscle pump and in clothes which aren't built to accommodate legs what have been deliberately and lovingly grown for months or years but now do not fit into any pair of regular pants.
Enter Freddy Jeans.
These jeans/pants/tights are built to accentuate the curves we work so hard to build and also offer options which are suitable for professional wear through to casual relaxing in comfort and style meaning I can rock my body anywhere I go in pants which perfectly mould to my curves, stay in place and make me feel so proud of my body. These are my absolute favourite jeans.

Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Very stylish
Love it!

Nothing else to say except, I love it!
Jokes, coz actually there is so much to say about these jeans that feel like leggings and wear like shaping fashion!
I obtained my first pair a couple years ago through the trade-in promotion in CBD, and never looked back. I was devastated when I lost weight and they no longer fit me. Due to the price tag, I kept putting off buying a new pair, until this Christmas when I splurged and bought a friend a lair and decided to try some shorts for myself.
When they arrived, I was super stoked and excited, and tried them on right then and there at work, and gave them to my friend also who did the same. We absolutely loved them!
They are super comfy and stylish and flatter all the parts that matter!

Overall size: Small
Overall feeling: Good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Stylish
Great colour and fit but a little shiny

Fit was a little tighter than the diwa pro.. but still fit ok.. length seams a bit longer which makes them more full length on me (5”6)
Denim feel but has quite a bit of shine on these.. maybe upsizing might help that but then they could be a bit big in the waist for me.
Seems more dressy than I was hoping for.. wanted some casual black washed denim look

Overall size: Small
Overall feeling: Very good
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Very stylish
Best Jeans EVER

So glad I made the decision to try Freddy Jeans, now I have 3 pairs and love them. Don’t wait get a pair of Freddy jeans you won’t regret it.

Overall size: Normal
Overall feeling: OK
Overall comfort: Very comfortable
Overall style: Stylish
More lift would be great

Lovely material.. however I thought it would lift my “butt” more...